Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morgan gets a pixie cut!

Since Morgan has started to loose her hair her Mom has decided that a new hair do was in order! Brother Andrew was the assistant working the spray bottle and collecting the locks for the 'Hair Fairy' !
The Hair Fairy comes tonight!.... Yay!!! I wonder what she will bring!

keep up with Momo and her progress at:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Morgans Story

Morgan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on August 1, 2011.

Thanks to her Moms knowledge and persistence she was diagnosed in just a few days. Morgan had a couple of infections recently and her blood count was borderline low. Despite the fact that Morgan was a happy playful lovable little girl, Morgans Mom, who is a Family Nurse Practitioner, knew something wasnt right. Thanks to her  persuasiveness they checked blood work again. When it was learned that her blood counts were critically low she was immediately admitted to the hospital and further tests were done. They quickly suspected Leukemia and we began praying. Two days later after blood transfusions, a bone marrow biopsy and cerebral spinal fluid analysis we learned that Morgan had A.L.L.

Morgan is called Momo by her family and friends. She is a little girl that will just steal your heart with her spunk and sweetness. She loves to play with her toy horses, she appreciates a good freeze pop and she is one of Dora the Explorers biggest fans!
Along with her smart Mom, Laura and her Daddy, Jeff who is really the apple of her eye,
Morgan also has the Best Big Brother Andrew Morris. Andrew is 7. He loves his sister and Hockey. Probably in that order too! They really are the most amazing siblings... Andrew is really pumped up to see all of the support Morgan and her site have gotten and he wants in on all the action too. He even has his own facebook group called: Best Big Brother Andrew Morris. (please join if you havent)

This is really just the start of Morgans fight and she IS ready for it. She played through her first Chemo induction (you can watch the video her Dad made on her page) and she delighted us on day #2 with the joy only a two year old can get from an electric whoopie cushion ;-) Morgan has a Portacath which is a button under her skin in which they can infuse her chemotherapy over the next few years. She is doing great and her family has been beside her day and night.

Please take the time to learn more about childhood leukemia and support the Morris family in anyway you can. Please join her brothers facebook page, say a prayer or commit a random act of kindness for someone you pass by today.
Life is precious. Appreciate yours.